Kristina & Jason | Macedonian-Australian wedding in Skopje

Kristina & Jason’s wedding at Vodenica Mulino, Skopje, Macedonia

We had the pleasure to document Kristina & Jason’s wedding in Skopje in May 2016. They had one request: no posed shots and no portrait sessions. At first I had cold feet 😀 but when the day started it was complete relief. They were super cool, there was no pressure and we enjoyed photographing their special day. These are some of our favorite photos.


music: Kostana + Day Off :

K&J (1)K&J (2)K&J (3)K&J (4)K&J (5)K&J (6)K&J (7)K&J (8)K&J (9)K&J (10)K&J (11)K&J (12)K&J (13)K&J (14)K&J (15)K&J (16)K&J (17)K&J (18)K&J (19)K&J (20)K&J (21)K&J (22)K&J (23)K&J (24)K&J (25)K&J (26)K&J (27)K&J (28)K&J (30)K&J (31)K&J (32)K&J (33)K&J (34)K&J (35)K&J (36)K&J (37)K&J (39)K&J (41)K&J (42)K&J (43)K&J (44)K&J (45)K&J (46)K&J (47)K&J (48)K&J (49)K&J (50)K&J (51)K&J (52)K&J (53)K&J (54)K&J (55)K&J (56)K&J (57)K&J (58)K&J (59)K&J (60)K&J (61)K&J (62)K&J (63)K&J (64)K&J (66)K&J (65)K&J (69)K&J (68)K&J (70)K&J (71)K&J (72)K&J (73)K&J (74)K&J (75)K&J (76)K&J (77)K&J (78)K&J (79)K&J (80)K&J (81)K&J (82)K&J (83)K&J (84)K&J (85)K&J (86)K&J (87)K&J (88)K&J (89)K&J (90)K&J (91)K&J (92)K&J (93)K&J (95)K&J (96)K&J (97)K&J (98)K&J (99)K&J (100)K&J (101)K&J (102)K&J (104)K&J (105)K&J (107)K&J (108)K&J (109)K&J (110)K&J (111)K&J (112)K&J (113)K&J (114)K&J (115)K&J (116)K&J (117)K&J (118)K&J (119)K&J (120)K&J (121)K&J (122)K&J (123)K&J (124)K&J (125)K&J (126)K&J (127)K&J (128)K&J (129)K&J (130)K&J (131)K&J (132)K&J (133)K&J (134)K&J (135)K&J (136)

photo © Ristoski Weddings

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